Hello, thank you for visiting our web page.  Kelley Family Car & RV Wash is under new ownership as of July 2017.  Many changes and improvements have already happened and many more to come.  You may have noticed the new credit card readers in every bay, the new paystation doors on the automatic bays, the new LED displays and the very observant regular customer may have noticed the new name brand soaps in all bays.  We are now using ArmorAll, Blue Coral and ZEP in our primary functions.  Rain X coming soon in the Automatic Bays.  New signage and doors for the self serve bays are also coming to help explain the changes and options available today.  

The Automatic RV bay is also operational and it is automatic again, no need for an appointment and it is open 24/7, use anytime.  Feel free to contact us if you would like us there to ensure a smooth experience if you are not comfortable using it alone.

For quickest response to issues across the car wash please email us at – chandlercarwash@gmail.com