Do you have an RV Dump?

Yes, there is a self-serve RV dump station with a hose hookup at the back of the lot.  Just drive straight down the car wash driveway and right before it ends you will see the signs and station on the left.  It costs $10 to use.

Is your automatic Car Wash Touch Less?

Yes, we currently have 1 Touch Less automatic car wash bay.

Is there an attendant on-site?

We are increasing our attended hours, currently we have an attendant during the peak hours 5-7 days a week.  Peak hours range from 9AM to 4PM.  Our goal is to cover those hours at the minimum on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday-Thursday are slower, so hours and availability on those days will vary.

Do you have an automatic RV wash bay?

No, the old Automatic RV wash bay was broken and is now going to be re-purposed into something more car/truck focused.

What options do I have for washing my RV?  

We have a self-serve style wash bay that can accommodate any size RV (no ceiling or height requirement).  It has the standard functions, high pressure soap and rinse, wax, tire cleaner, spot free and brushes that foam.  Bring your own ladder.  There is also an on-site detail company that can wash anything.  See our detailing page for a link to their main website.

Why won’t the card reader work?

Please make sure you have the magnetic stripe facing to the right (the thick side of the reader).  I like to swipe up and then down.  Wait 2-5 seconds before trying again, it often looks like it’s not doing anything while its communicating with the server to verify the card.  Time will then be added to the display.  Press the button to add more time.

I used the credit card reader and saw an extra $1 charge, why?

The $1 charge is just a pending transaction used by the card company to check if the card is valid, it will not go through, only the sale amount will be charged.

Can I use your dumpster for bulk trash?

NO!  we need every inch to remove the trash that accumulates in the garbage cans, please do not use the dumpster for any bulk trash.

Is it cool if I litter shit all over the place?

No, that is not cool anywhere, ever.

Will my truck with duallies fit in your automatic bays?

Yes, the touch-less and the soft touch can both accommodate trucks with duallies if the truck has not been lifted beyond the maximum height requirements.  There are height bars before you enter each bay.

Can I take ladder racks through the automatic bays?

Never take vehicles with ladder racks through the soft touch (brush wash bay) or damage to the brushes can occur and the vehicle owner is responsible.  Same goes for tow trucks and other odd configurations that have could have jagged parts that can snag and damage the brushes.  Only on the touchless bay if the total height is below the maximum height limit could those vehicles be accommodated.  If you are not sure don’t risk it, resulting damage can be expensive, and it will be turned into the vehicle owner’s insurance company.

Are your Vacuums free?

The vacuums are free for anybody that gets any wash in any bay during attended hours.  Just ask the attendant and they will give you tokens.  When we are not on-site the vacuums are accessible and working 24/7, $1 per use.

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