5 Self Service Wash Bays $2 for 4 minutes

2 Automatic Wash Bays $5-$8

7 Self Service Vacuum Bays $1 for 4 minutes

1 RV Self Service Wash Bay $2 for 4 minutes

1 RV Dump Station $10

OPEN 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

1 Automatic RV Touchless Wash
RV Clearance- 12’6 Height and 40′Long
Cost- $20 Basic Wash or $50 Ultimate Wash

(RV Automatic Touchless – Employee must start Automatic RV Wash- Please call 480-895-5871 for hours)

We have a Automatic Touchless Wash for Lifted Trucks

Detail Shop (appointment only) Call 480-895-5871 or

Family Owned & Operated

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